Heal Thy Self

Dear Reader,

Yesterday I was talking with a friend about the power of healing. It wasn't a planned discussion, in fact at one point we both stopped and asked, "How did we even get on this subject?" Our conversation was reflective and we exchanged real truths back and forth that helped to negotiate a healing path deep within our own selves.

I realized as I drove home that somewhere deep within ourselves we had had a real need to heal, so much so that we found ourselves deep in a much needed conversation to launch our inner thoughts out into the universe.

If you seek any sort of healing than you may find yourself doing many if not all of these things:

*Bringing up the subject in conversation with someone close

*Reading about it

*Adding chakras charts, crystals, yoga, meditation, healthy foods,

poems, pictures of nature, animals, etc.. to your pinterest boards.

*Watching happy people and feeling gravitated towards them

*Not listening to the radio as much or choosing calming music instead

*Spending more time in nature, or looking at pictures of nature.

*Being very aware of your emotions and feeling detached from them

*More mirror time, looking at yourself and studying yourself

*Bathing instead of showering

*Wanting to spend more time with animals

*Journal writing

*Craving fruits and vegetables

These activities, thoughts and interests all have healing properties at the center of them and may be your inner compass telling you that you are ready for a change.

This leads me to the question, "Can you heal thy self?"

I would like to add this disclaimer for my own peace of mind and moral compass. I believe all ultimate healing comes from a high power, a more vibrant frequency and life force that is beyond our true understanding (although we have discovered so much thus far).

That being said I also believe that we are the ones who ultimately choose to take part in that power. We allow it to move through us and we allow ourselves to submit and to become according to what we desire. That is why it is the true desires of our heart that will be key to transforming ourselves.

The next question or thought that comes to me is, what is self? I've researched and studied multiple definitions and theories on this subject. To some this question can be easily answered by the Webster dictionary, to others it may take a life time of pursuit. I want to only add that whatever "self" is, we have yet to know for sure. For the sake of healing let's refer to self as the physical body, mind and soul or energy.

So now begs the question, "Can you heal thy self?"

If someone were to ask me, I would say YES!

True healing comes from you and what you choose to think, act, and desire. Your body is a healing machine, your mind is a healing computer and your soul or energy are of a much higher frequency than the eye can see.

When one or all three of these are out of sync with one another then nothing goes right. And you know it. No other person or "self" can tell you what is deep within you.

True healing comes from Mind, Body and Soul working together as one. Submitting, Reflecting and Nurturing are just a few steps that help you to look deep within and find where you are needing to change in order to achieve that higher level of existence.

So now ask yourself this question, "Am I willing to heal myself?

I hope this has left you with hope, light and maybe some direction. I will be working on a part 2 that goes into more of inner reflection and how to understand what our mind, body and soul are trying to say and how we can pay more attention and then act. In the mean time please feel free to comment below if you have questions or thoughts to add.

May your day be filled with magic and gratitude.

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