The Importance of Natural Skincare!

Most of us have heard the phrase " you are what you eat," and in the case of skin care I would like to add " you are what you wear."

Our skin is our largest organ and it works around the clock to provide and protect our bodies. It no surprise that it absorbs what we smear it with or in other words you could say that you, "eat through your skin."

This may not be the traditional "mouth full of food and into the belly it goes" kind of eating but it defintily provides us with nutrients and sometimes if we aren't too careful, toxins can creep in to our bodies as well.

This means that the frangrances, parabens, stablizers and perservatives that are found in most large commerical skin care companies are literally entering your body through your skin.

All of this is done on a mircroscopic level and the results aren't always apparent at first like it is when we eat through our mouths, but don't let the slow moving absorbtion fool you.

In about a month's time you will generate new cell growth, this is usually the tell tell moment when you either smile with satifaction or you go rushing back to purchase a new skin care product, hoping that things will go better for you.

There are some circumstances that you don't have to wait so long, certain ingredients will leave your body feel less hydrate and more desperate. A high quality skin care line does not ever leave you feeling this way. If you use a chapstick and find yourself with dried out lips an hour later, then you may want to start a new search.

Skin care really does care about your body and if you choose wisely you will feel the difference in a good way. This is why choosing your skin care is so very important. If you love your body (which everyone should) then you will want to care for it and provide it the very best nurtients possible.

So what should you look for in a skin care?

Natural pure ingredients such as cold pressed oils that still contain active emzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Whole plant extracts and oils. Such as high quality essential oils that not only offer declious aromatherapy healing but can also strengthen and repair the body as well.

Natural emosilfiers such as beeswax and shea or cocoa butters

If you are buying a skin care product that requires some level of perveration then be sure to do your research (I'll be putting toether a future post about this soon) on the different kinds perservatives that are out there and what you choose to eat and wear.

When it comes to your health and beauty on the inside and out don't let just any list of ingredients into your body. Choose the best!

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