Are you an Earthy Child?

As the sun rays peer through my window on this cold wintry morning, I suddenly feel restless to get out of bed and put on some slosh boots. It's still February I am reminded as I walk out to my back patio and pull my jacket closer to my face, but what a beautiful February day it is. I take one step onto the thick muddy green grass and let myself just breathe in all that this morning air has to offer.

Smells of last nights rain, dirt, and oilve trees woosh through me. Distance birds are singing their morning melodies, I like to imagine them reheasring for some big choir event that I hope to get invited too soon. I watch them float in and out of the meadow fog that still lingers from early sunrise.

I take another step and feel the mud squish beneath my boots. The cold doesn't seem to bother me any more as I surrender to it. Admist the songs of birds and a few toads there is a certain stillness that somehow feeds my soul and I don't want to rush away from it. I want to stay and walk with the morning and listen as it teaches me about this day and why it is so special. I search my back yard for mushrooms, moss, and flowering weeds. I admire there beauty and thank them for their presence.

My face is numb, but my heart is warm with gratitude as I return back to the house for some hot peppermint tea. Before I step inside I turn one last time knowing all too well the demands that await me from my to do list, I pause and smile. Out there is my real home and I am free to be a child again full of wonder and delight as I explore, observe and learn from my Earthy Mama!

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