Deluxe Earthy Bath Set

Deluxe Earthy Bath Set


If you or someone you know is the ultimate BATH LOVER then you've just found the dream set!

Nourish your body with the healing powers of nature as you soak away the stresses of life!

Experience the difference with an Earthy Bath!

Your Deluxe Earthy Bath Gift Set Includes:
>6 Bath Teas

>4 Creamy Milk Bath Blends
>2 coconut cream soap bars
>1 love bouquet Bath Salts
>1 Oat milk Bath Bag
>1 Bottle of Bath Oil Blend 4oz


Customize your gift set to meet your needs or interests.

$5 Gift Wrapping Option comes with Ribbon and Flower Petals.

Message us with any questions.

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