Bath Soak Gift Set

Bath Soak Gift Set

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For the ultimate BATH LOVER!  

Nourish your body with the healing powers of nature as you soak away the stresses of life! Experience the difference with an Earthy Bath! We use the highest quality of Essential Oils in all of our products so that you can have peace of mind knowing only the purest ingredients are used to nourish your body.


Includes 6 Bath Soaks that can be beautifully displayed in your bathroom.


Give your skin gentle relief with our Honey and Fern Bath Soak! Soothe and soften your body with hydrating honey and skin-calming oat milk. This bath has been designed to bring relief to skin rashes, redness, eczema, and rehydrate your thirsty skin.


Feel better with our immune-boosting Blue Snow Bath Soak! Comfort your body and soul when you’re feeling under the weather and need to feel uplifted and restored. Rest and soak in Nature’s remedies with good-for-you ingredients that will help you get on your feet again in no time.


Relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with our Crystal Cavern Bath Soak! Balance your body’s energies and clear your mind with crystal-charged waters from Quartz infused sea salt. This bath will help to reduce negative ions and give you good vibes.


Pamper yourself with Floral Petals in our Flower Milk Bath Soak! Nourish your body and ease your mind with the power of infused waters. Your bath water will be graced with a complimentary amount of organic rose petals, chamomile flowers, and calendula petals to add beauty and pleasure while you relax and enjoy some pampering.


Hydrate and soften your body with our Mango Jungle Bath Soak! Made with natural and organic ingredients that will sail you to the pleasures of a tropical paradise. Refresh your body with a smooth blend of exotic fruits and plants.


Detox and restore your body with our Forest Nectar Bath Soak! Soak in the essence of the pine forest while you recharge your body and soul with natural botanicals and clays from the earth to assist your body with the gentle removal of toxins and overall balance. 

>>Made with 100% Organic Botanicals.

>>Eco-Friendly packaging.

>>Handmade in the USA

>>Made with pure Essential Oils

This bath soak collection comes packaged in an eco-friendly gift box with tissue paper and a FREE personalized message is included.

We can ship directly to gift recipients and will leave out all invoice information.

8 oz in every bag. Made for multiple uses or one luxurious bath