Our Mission

Earthy Child products inspire Nature connection by using pure natural ingredients that leave our bodies feeling nourished and amazing. 

How it all began...

After using dozens of products that claimed to maintain beauty and wellbeing, company founder, Ashley Johnson, was disappointed to learn that beauty and wellness products deceivingly used words such as "natural" or "healthy" on bottles filled with chemical-laden ingredients. 

  After years of not getting results from conventional methods, it was time to detox her body of these harmful products and turned to the wild plants and fresh spring water for healing. 

“I fed my appetite, my skin, and my soul with the gifts that grew just outside my door. I would spend hours creating the perfect bath blends to soak up the nourishment my body needed. I depended on Mother Nature exclusively to heal, maintain and restore my health and beauty.”


Through her journey of recovery, she returned to the playful wisdom of Mother Nature.


This is when The Earthy Child was born.


 Today our team works and gathers plants, clays, and stones that have been wild forged from fields and forests. We dry, mix, create and package 100% by hand. 

Everyone who steps into our studio to work comes with a love for Nature!

It is our ongoing passion to cultivate new ways to integrate therapeutic benefits from the natural world and to keep them as whole and as earthy as we found them. 



 The road that led us here has been sprinkled with many seeds of hope and enthusiastic ideas. We are grateful that those seeds have sprouted and are growing into full blooms.


Our company specializes in products that emphasize the benefits of bathing.

We encourage our customers to make this once ancient practice a part of their weekly wellness and beauty routine.


As we look to the future, in partnership with this beautiful planet, we commit to maintaining sustainable practices that bring real change and natural wellbeing.